R&S Marketing-The Facts

The Facts:

  • R&S Marketing is a St. Louis advertising and marketing agency with experience in consumer advertising, media, web development, social media and online promotion. We get it! The importance of the web, websites, SEO and social media in today’s media mix has changed the playing field for even the smallest business. We can help you understand the way it all works.
  • R&S Marketing strives to always provide measurable results for clients using traditional media. [Radio – television – cable – print advertising (who knew it would now be called traditional?)] We explain social media, direct response advertising and web-based marketing and how it affects you the business owner.  As new trends in advertising develop, we keep you up-to-date and informed of these changes to better deliver sales for your business.
  • R&S Marketing has decades of experience in business-to-business. We know how to design programs for mailing list development, turnkey direct mail marketing campaigns, web site development, collateral literature and all other services related to Business-to-Business marketing programs.
  • R&S Marketing offers practical creativity provided by down-to-earth professionals who understand your needs and goals. Here’s what that means to you…we put together ideas that will appeal to your customers and meet your objectives, while still working within your budget.

We decided a long time ago to provide the best value to our clients. We have years of experience in advertising and marketing. We’ve always believed that high-overhead and over-sized staffs do not serve the best interests of most clients. We decided to work with well qualified strategic partners in order to provide the greatest opportunities. As a result, our clients receive the advantages of working will a smaller agency – where the principals of both companies work closely together, while also receiving the benefits of a large agency’s marketing resources – without the associated costs.

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